CPPS Commands

This page is all about the CPPS commands, and how they are used!
Using the commands you can (Add Items, Add Furniture and much more!)
The command is simply inputted into the chat bar.
Lets not waste time, and get you straight to the commands!

1. Add an item

This command allows you to add any item you want – from member to non-member. (Beta hat is sometimes patched)

!AI 418

For example, the code above will add the ‘Pink Toque’ to your inventory. Every item has a different ID, you can see all the ID’s here : http://cpitems.com The most popular ID’s are :

413 – Beta Hat (Sometimes patched)
171 – Red Lei
418 – Pink Toque
369 – Ice Skates

2. Add coins

Coins are needed to get items, so there is a command for them too!

!AC 100000

As you can tell by the number, this command will add 100,000 coins to your account. On some servers you can add up to 1,000,000 coins, in some the maximum amount that can be added is 5,000.

3. Connection Test

As you can tell by the name, this command helps you test your internet connection, and if the server hasn’t crashed. Simply type !PING in the chatbox, and if the bot replies ‘PONG’ that means you’re still connected.

4. Teleporting

This command can teleport you in ANY room you desire. The reason there is such a command is because you can teleport to places, you can’t go. For example : Party Rooms, Rockhoppers ship etc.

!JR 420 (Pirate Ship)

5. Display your ID

This command makes the server bot display your penguin ID. For example : If your the 300 person to have registered your ID would be : 300.

Moderator Commands

These commands are for moderators only.

6. Ban Player

This command allows moderators to ban any penguin from iCP. Opportunities on how long the penguin should be banned are not available. When a moderator bans you, its permanent.

!BAN Nike

After the command, put the username of the penguin you want to ban.

7. Kick Player

This command allows moderators to kick a player off the server. This command is often used as a warning, before the player actually gets banned.

!KICK Nike

Like the ban command, simply put the username of the penguin you want to ban after the command.

8. Change your name temporarily

This command allows moderators to temporarily change their username to whatever they want. They can also their names having characters that are not available when creating a penguin.

!NICK *Nike*

9. Become a Mascot

This command allows moderators to become any mascot they wish. For example : Rockhopper.


The other mascot commands would be :

Aunt Arctic : !UP Aunt Arctic / !UP AA
Gary : !UP Gary / !UP G
Sensei : !UP Sensei / !UP S
Cadence : !UP Cadence / !UP C

You can also become all the penguin band members etc.

10. Unban Player

This command allows moderators to unban a penguin that has been banned.


After the command put the username of the penguin you want to unban.

Igloo commands are currently not working on any Private Server available, so we will skip them for now.

I hope this helped you and please visit the site more often as we will keep you updated in all time! If you have any further questions, please comment!

Post by : Nike


5 Responses to CPPS Commands

  1. Bobobo556 says:

    Thanks Nike, you helped me a lot with this page!

  2. Meganrulez34 says:

    I don’t care

  3. Ace. says:

    I was hoping to see the commands for music, igloos, etc.

    But this was fine for the ppl that don’t know how to play I guess.

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